Thursday, 29 November 2007

James Groman

James Groman is known as a sculptor, illustrator, toy and animation character designer. I'm probably interested in work with the Madballs, especially this painting of one of them, Bashbrain.

I just find the detail in this just extraordinary, and how certainly sections are lit in an artistic fashion. Groman use acrylic paint to paint this, but this will be an ambitious goal for me when it comes to do paintings of my own characters.

William Wray

William Wray is an artist who has had a solid background in animation (he style on Ren and Stimpy is his most prolific work.) But Wray now does a lot of paintings, and his latest work is really interesting, in terms of lighting and colouring. The lighting is done in a stylistic manner rather than a realistic manner, but you still believe that that is the light from the lamp post hitting the trailer. The colours are inspirational, with a mixture of reds and yellows for the light makes a great contrast with that dark blue and black for the background.

Samuel Michlap

Samuel Michlap is another animation artist I find interesting.

His most recent work he has posted on his blog was some colour keys he did for El Dorado. I find these colour schemes rich, and very fascinating to look at. The use of oranges, blues, and yellows makes some of the paintings appealing and inspiring to me.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Blackwing Sketchbook

I am always looking on other people's blogs for inspiration, especially animation artists, like Blackwing Sketchbook

I find her brush work so simple, but so effective, in drawing human figues- even in a rough state.

She also has a simplistic way of colouring and shading, like in this picture above.

This technique even works for her life drawing, as shown above. I like how she depicts such complex detail, like a pony tail, very briskly.

I also find some of her mark making interesting, like in this quick drawing. I like how she has quickly drawn the shape of her leg, and her hand like that.

Again in this picture too, I find how she has done the hands an interesting approach. It just makes me want to use a brush pen to do some quick life drawing.

"Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself..."

Hello. I am Andrew 'Andy' Norton. I am currently doing a Masters in Creative Digital Media, which includes a Creative Portfolio Development module- hence why this blog has appeared.

I need to keep an on-line scrapbook, that shows off what images inspire me on a day to day basis, and hopefully will be helpful to those around me what me tick on a creative level.

I hope that anyone, who goes through this blog, will understand what influences me as an artist/animation graduate/creative person.
I hope you will look forward to my first post.