Sunday, 2 April 2017

Comic Display at Red Room Exhibition March 27th 2017

Comic Pages on Display

Comics Display in Context with Other Images
For those that are not a Facebook friend of mine, I can reveal that for the past two years I have been helping a writer via PeoplePerHour to help bring their script to live in comic form. Three of these comics have made it on display recently at the Red Room Exhibition, over at the Royal College of Art last Monday. For work commitments, I could not make it to the exhibition, but thanks to the writer, I managed to retrieve the displayed work for you to admire. 

Whilst this has not been the first time my work has been on displayed, I am glad that they have taken a good place amongst the rest of the artwork, which looks very visually striking even when taken from a Smartphone. As for the comics themselves, I am surprised at how good the line of action is on the top page, featuring two characters interacting in three panels. I do not know if it is the choice of colours or how I have drawn them (although that bottom panel had been tinkered to get the final desired effect), but I was pleasantly surprised at how striking that very page is. Whilst the other two feature conversations, they seem cluttered from a distance. Therefore, people would have been able to read the pages for themselves closely. 

Overall, I am always glad to see my work getting exposure in any way possible, and as I am still working on this project still, I will look forward to finalising the product, with the writer, at some point this year.