Thursday, 13 July 2017

OxGrowArts Workshop Pieces- 22nd June 2017

After hesitating until the last minute, I decided to go to this Painting and Drawing Workshop organised by OxGrowArts, situated at Hogacre Common Eco Park in Oxford. Here are the drawings I made there, sit intact in my sketchbook before they are removed and framed for their exhibition at the end of July next month.

My first piece was probably my most successful piece from that workshop, calling it Flower Study. Basically, this is a still-life study of some flowers that feature some buds flowering more than others do. I just love how I went on a journey with my brush pen, getting lost in the detail of all those negative spaces and shapes this flower was making. I am not an expert in flowers, but it gave a pink/purple flower when the bud was in bloom. I was advised to try out adding some colour. Therefore, I did...

 After the acrylic omnishambles, I had time to do a quick study with my tried-and-tested brush pen, just called "Log." Therefore, I tried to sketch out this log near their pond. Not as convincing as my flower study, but I like the marks I made to frame the negative shapes that the leaves and log were forming. Not a complete disaster in my book, but something I should have spent more time establishing the objects in that space.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trigger Word- Let - 4th July 2017

Overall Image of Trigger Word Model

Closeup of figures saying goodbye to each other.

Closeup of figures in speech bubble

Yes, I am still doing trigger words, and here is the latest web-friendly model for you to check out. The word was 'let', when meant to allow. So I used it in the context that I let my friend go back home with their parent. Based on a recent event, I think I manage to create this model rather quickly. The fact that I modelled three of these characters three times was something I did not expect to do. However, I felt the body language in the first scene would not have been clear without the speech bubble emphasising what has happened in the final scene (see close-up of those figures as I felt I did not arrange the figures well for the shot of the overall composition.)