Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trigger Word- Let - 4th July 2017

Overall Image of Trigger Word Model

Closeup of figures saying goodbye to each other.

Closeup of figures in speech bubble

Yes, I am still doing trigger words, and here is the latest web-friendly model for you to check out. The word was 'let', when meant to allow. So I used it in the context that I let my friend go back home with their parent. Based on a recent event, I think I manage to create this model rather quickly. The fact that I modelled three of these characters three times was something I did not expect to do. However, I felt the body language in the first scene would not have been clear without the speech bubble emphasising what has happened in the final scene (see close-up of those figures as I felt I did not arrange the figures well for the shot of the overall composition.) 

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