Monday, 14 April 2008

Another favourite of mine from Blackwing Skecthbook.

I just wanted to share this picture from a blog that I have already dealt with further in an earlier post.
I just find such a dynamic picture, mainly because of the loosely drawn dog, which looked like it looks like part of the car.
I admire anyone that can animals, and cars-In my comic, I have made several attempts to draw them, but I am not 100% confident with drawing them yet- So seeing someone draw vehicle so confidently, in this sketchy stage, shows that I should not try and give up trying to draw them just yet (I probably should draw some real-life vehicles if I get the opportunity to do that.)
As for animals, I have not really considered animals into my comic, but they maybe an ideological choice rather than an ignorance to draw them- I have an allergy to pet hair!
Overall, I find this another inspiring drawing from this excellent blog for several motivational reasons: I need to keep drawing, especially when I am not confident with certain objects, like cars, and try to draw loosely so that I can work out what works and does not work, instead of rushing in to make it finalised.

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