Saturday, 12 April 2008

Dave Pimental

Dave Pimental is one of those artists I admire, as I am constantly looking at his blog for inspiration, especially in his figure drawing and black and white line art.

The above picture illustrates why I like his work. His line art is simple, but not too simple, because, when you look at his work, there are many marks to be found to make this. He also uses an approach to make things stand out, by keeping the main subject stand out. In this case, the woman, sitting on the fence, stands out, because of the solid design, from the main scribbling marks of the grass.

He also seems to be good at drawing the female pose with such conviction, whilst still maintaining his style to them. I personally find problems with drawing the female anatomy without the anatomy looking a bit too cartoon-like. So seeing this shows that I may need more practice with drawing real life woman, before I can tackle them (I hope to do this in the second chapter of my comic, where a woman becomes a witness of the murder.) Another aspect that I do not focus on much is the use of folds in clothes, which is done convincingly with Pimental's scribble-like mark making. I should try to deal with this, the next time I have to draw clothes convincingly.

Although his work is often just simplistic line art, he does deal with shading as well in some of his drawings, just like the drawing above.

Another aspect I will need to deal with, based on the presentation I had with my tutors, is panelling off my line art, which was done last minute for the first section. The above picture does this really well, and does justice to the page by panelling this lovely drawing. This, and the final picture below, which sums up all the qualities I like about his work, comes from the same post in his Blog.

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