Sunday, 4 May 2014

Various Artwork (Dec 2013- April 2014)

 First things first, I am aware that I haven't updated my blog since last year; but as you would have noticed from the blog that I haven't been slacking in the art department throughout a period of nearly 5 months.
I have been working on a lot of material for a local art group, using different mediums including pastels, pencils, and watercolour. A lot of it is on the theme of journey, whether it is personal, sensual, or however you would experience a journey. And whilst I have exhibited some of these pieces just this week, several have went down well with the general public. I have even exhibited the sketchbooks to sample some of the other pieces I have been doing too.
Hope you enjoy, and I'll try my best to bring commentary on those that deserve talking about.

The piece below, on the left, was inspired by the Depeche Mode track Higher Love. The initial sketch of it is shown on the right.  

This abstract painting was based on my recollection of the layouts of all the rooms in my childhood home in Plymouth. The notes, and initial sketches, are displayed beneath the piece.

 This pastel drawing was inspired by the recent flooding, whilst seeing these wire mast submerged in the flooded river banks. The initial sketches, and colour imprints, are included along with the finalised piece.

 This figurative painting was inspired by the Winter Olympics, and it chronicles the journey of those snowboarders that were in action during those games. 

 This comic strip cartoon is based on a film project, and how I visualised what the final outcome was going to be like. It sort of turned out like this, but without the anatomy-breaking poses being pulled off in this piece. An initial sketch is included.

This is an abstract self-portrait, using objects to signify me, rather then painting myself. An initial sketch is included.

 This figurative painting is based off of some my personal highlights from last year, including some moments from my family holiday, and highlights from the concerts I have been to that year. My scribbled notes are included for your viewing pleasure- if you can read them!

This illustrative was created to depict what a hard I was having with my web browser when it came to checking my emails. I do have this problem, but it wasn't as bad as it was back then- who've thought that the Flash plug-in would be so unresponsive!

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