Sunday, 31 August 2014

Trigger Word- After- 31st August 2014

It has been nearly one and half years since I last found some time to do a trigger word; although I had this on fruition for a few months, but never had the time to become orientated from it until now.
So this models the preposition 'after', meaning later than. So the example I used was I watched the news on TV after I put the rubbish out. I'm pleased that I was able to depict the newsreaders of my local news presenters- British local news fans may want a guess at my region and those personalities. I was also able to depict our food waste bin, and trying to get the hand gestures right of what my hand is doing when placing the food waste into that bin.
I had problems trying to take shots of the of the figures, but I'm pleased with my third attempt of my figure watching TV, my first attempt at the figure putting rubbish into a bin with his face in shot, and my last attempt at depicting the entire situation with my figure putting waste into the bin.
I'm quite pleased with the setup, although I may want to lower my base down to avoid those corners sticking out of my fabric layer like that. I'm glad I found time to do this, and I want to find time again to do another one, but my schedule is a bit thrown off with potential work commitments at the moment; so I can't gurantee new trigger word models anytime soon.

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