Monday, 2 January 2012

Imagery done in AS Art (2003-2004)- Lego Parody Poster

Have you ever wondered how to obtain an Advanced Subsidary (AS) in Art? Well doing this kind of work was one way of doing it.

This parody poster was actually done as part of my studies at college, based on the theme of figures, and finding out that the Little Artists were doing stuff like this at the time. So I thought I might give it a go.

I tried out all kinds of layers in a new program for me at the time- was it really nine years ago that I started using Photoshop?- to try and recreate the actual poster for the film The Matrix. I thought I was able to pull it off, even thou I tried several methods of capturing the Lego figure.
I ended up scanning the figure as I was able to get the necessary detail into the final poster.

 Recreating the numbered background was fun, but not as challenging as adding a cape to my Neo figure.

 Another method of capturing that Lego figure was trying to take a picture of the figure.

But as the actual camera wasn't giving me the detail I needed to render my figure into the final poster.

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