Monday, 16 January 2012

Loomis' Fun with A Pencil Studies- Doohinkus Manikin and Action Figure Studies

Just to explain why there are photographs, drawings that look like, and do not look like, the figures in these photographs, I am currently at the chapter in the book, which encourages me to learn from a movable figure. Hence, why there are shots of an Action Man figure in those positions, and a live drawing of that figure, to understand this position the other manikin- the one with the moustache and markings on their torso and hips- has been placed. All of these drawing were done between December 2011,up to the present day, being January 2012, and I was encourage to start posting again on a Facebook group that encourages you to draw something everyday. So this post will keep me up to date with that for now.

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