Friday, 13 August 2010

Post a Drawing- Day 12- Character Animation Drawings

First character animation drawing
Still persevering with the little project I started work on yesterday, I started doing some character animation of the first scene that uses animation in the film.
Second character animation drawing
This has to be my favourite drawing, despite the overlapping issues with the arrow. Not too scribbly like the first drawing was.
Third Animation Drawing
I wanted to exaggerate the bow string bouncing back from being pulled away. Hence why the bowstring is drawn as an extreme in this drawing.
Fourth Animation Drawing
I don't like this one, because of how small my Robin Hood character's cap is so small.
Fifth Animation Drawing

I'm not happy with this one either, as it seems to smooth the shapes I wanted to. Used a pen in my animation suite that smoothed out my scribbling patches of colour too much.
Sixth Animation Drawing
I should have worried about the flap of the sleeve from the left arm.
Seventh Animation Drawing
Why have I animated the right boot? It looks likes he is about to 'bust a move'!

Final animation drawing
It does look likes he is in a dancing, rather then the intended pose of dropping his arms down to admire where the bow is going to.
This was only intended to be blocked out animation, at this stage, unless I get time to revisit the drawings... but it looks okay in the scene. Will place a background to give my character a setting. Just enjoy the scene, with a rough cut of the dialogue it will be accompanying in my film.

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