Monday, 9 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 8- Rough Digital Layout for Polictical Cartoon

I wanted to do some traditional inking, and was recently inspired from the antics going on at a war crimes trail, which led me to think it feels like a game of Call My Bluff.
Rough Digital Layout
So here are some of the 'high-profile' witnesses, with the judge (on the left) hosting a Call My Bluff with them. From left to right are my attempts of these three individuals : Mia Farrow; Naomi Campbell; and Campbell's agent, Carole White.
It's a digital layout because I have layered several drawings into a drawn layout, on top of one another. I am certainly going to revisit this to sort out the inconsistency with the inking, as well as adding the text, colour, and maybe textures to the piece.
Original Drawing
In this drawing I was working out how the characters were going to be placed into the scene.
Rough studies of Naomi Campbell
I tried many times to get Campbell into the pose I wanted her, which meant studying a few pictures of her.
Rough Study and Finalised Ink Drawing of Campbell
This was where I got her right enough to do an inking of it.
Inked Drawing and Rough Study of Mia Farrow
I had a good idea of the post to put Farrow in, but I did a quick study of her to work what she will be wearing.
Rough Study and Inked Drawing of Carole White
White proved a bit more tricky, as I needed to work how I would get her to hold up the card, and to make her seem distinguishable from the rest of the 'celebrities'.
Inked Drawing of Judge
For some reason, I found it easy to draw the judge, with her distinguish hair style, and stern look she seemed to have whenever I saw her on TV.

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