Friday, 20 August 2010

Post a Drawing- Day 19- Quick Pencilled Cartoon

Today's drawing is inspired from some recent feedback on my work, from an artist of superior skill and execution... although this was just a quick cartoon drawing, so some his advice hasn't been addressed yet. 

Pencilled Cartoon

It's a sort of visual metaphor for how to deal with an 'unsuccessful' medium. Despite my enthusiasm to do traditional inking, it is probably for the best that I don't attempt to ink my stuff any more, mainly as it tends to 'ruin' the pencil rough underneath. Although it does make me wonder what the hell to do with all the inking equipment- what do you do with a stash of ink pens, which you have been learning to ink with for over 5 years? I probably try and use it some how, but probably for rough work, rather then for more 'finalised' works.

This piece was very rushed, mainly as I had other things going on during the day. However, it was done from imagination, so I had no resources to help me work out the pose that the character should be in, or for the inking tools, from the ink well to various pens. 

It does make me wonder where will I end up now, with my artwork down the line. Would I find myself successful in doing pencil drawing, or will I fall back to my flawed comfort zone of inking my rough pencil work? Only future works will tell me, and probably other people's reception to them.

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