Saturday, 14 August 2010

Post a Drawing- Day 13- Biffy the Boxer... Revisited!

It just dawned on me, when looking through my old work done at university, that it has been about two years since I last studied at Teesside, particularly the work I did for my dissertation.

Biffy the Boxer
So I have decided to revisit my character, Biffy the Boxer, and see if I have ever improved my drawing skills during the past two years.

I wanted to revisit some the scenes, and poses, that I drew and animated this character in my 'recent' short film.So I wanted to address the scene in which Biffy introduced the audience to a skipping machine. I think that I could draw Biffy and the machine in the same scene- so this is my attempt of that.

I also wanted to address a few aspects in the design of Biffy.  Firstly, I gave him pupils, to get some more expression coming out his eyes. I also wanted make the teeth more distinctive- although that goofy set of teeth reminds me a bit of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. I also wanted to make the boxing gloves have some kind of shape, rather then using them as animated mittens. That's why, even thou Biffy is presenting the audience to the machine, the right glove is still in a closed position, as boxing tend to back a bit like that in real life. Another bit of 'realism' I wanted to add to his clothing was a waist strap with cord. As I wasn't going to animated this, I could get away with adding some detail, which can be an utter pain to animate- all that secondary motion on that cord would drive me nuts!

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