Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 2- From Sketch to Final Logo Design

Pencil Sketches of Logo Design
I needed to design a logo, as part of a recent scheme to promote myself as a freelance graphic designer. So I sketched out some ideas on pencil, pen, and paper. I wanted a simple design for my logo, as less is more- I also didn't have a lot of time to toy with loads of ideas- and I like the idea of using my 'stage name' to promote myself as a designer. So this explains why I went for my initials to make a stand out. I was also toying with the concept of an artist's signature - something I rarely use professionally- which explains why the initials are joined like that. 

Initial Ideas for Logo Designs

I then went into my art package of choice, and toyed around the logo design with different fonts. These were the contenders, which I thought could work as a distinctive logo.

Finalised Layout for Logo Design

I went for this combination, as I like the unique quality of the font for the initials, and I thought the simplicity of the font for the name would stand. I also realised that at this stage, when uploading my designs for this entry that this stood out, as the black colour for the bottom text made it easy to read when it was shrunk in a thumbnail. 

Colour choice for Logo Design
Another Colour Choice for Logo Design
Shame I had to colour the background in black, and toy with the colours for the fonts! Oh well, I then settled for a set colour...

Alternative Take on Final Design
... But I wanted to 'Auto Smart-Fix' it, just to see what it look like...

Final Design for Logo

...before I settled for the original colour choice. 

So what have I learned from doing this? I really should check how the logo design looks at each stage, by looking at them from the various thumbnails on my browser. I have no excuse not to do so, with all of the options my browser, Vista, provides!

Oh well, I will have to wait the outcome of the first phase of the selection of the other proposals being sent to see whether I have made a dramatic mistake in my logo, or from another aspect of proposal, like my profile, has let me down. I might even get some success from doing this. So who knows...?

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