Sunday, 15 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 14- Life Drawing of Garden Furniture

Life Drawing
Despite celebrating a belated birthday for a close relative, I was able to find time to do an activity that relative would approve of- some life drawing. I haven't spent much time on life drawing session like this in a long time. Hence the highly rendered quality to the inking.
Quick Sketch
I even had time, whilst working on the finalised piece, to do a quick sketch of the scene before fully immersing myself in working out the finer detail in pencil. This was to give me an idea of the negative spaces of the garden furniture, in contrast to the busy background of the plants and ornaments in the background.
I'm quite glad how it had turned out, but I might want to add colour to the piece, to make distinction of the plants, ornaments, and fittings in the background. So I took few shots of the actual location to get an idea of some of the realistic colours to use when I actually get around to doing a coloured piece of this.

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