Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 24- MORE Drawing Tutorials from Loomis' book

Same book as before... only a few exercises done today.

I thought things haven't gone too smoothly, as I couldn't get to grip on the author's cartooning approach over his further methodology to work on the head- but that's why I show all my drawings, and studies, like this to get an idea of what seems to be working.

I might notice some improvement over some of head construction that I was trying to start yesterday, as that was showing what I was trying to studying the basics of Loomis' head construction techniques. But when Loomis introduced his 'Blook' Ball approach to head construction, it seemed I couldn't get my head around over this approach, as this contradicted some of his earlier stuff about drawing cross-lines above your nose shape, which is used to place your eyes and mouth shape. This is because, from my view, it is now encouraging me to use the axis across your face construction to place your eyes and ears- if that made any sense, then I'm probably not alone in this conundrum. 

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