Thursday, 19 August 2010

Post a Drawing- Day 18- Chewits Fan Art

Been inspired from a recent social network that went on about a particular Chewits advert. So how could I not resist doing a piece featuring the popular sweet mascot?
Original drawing
So I did this drawing...
Quick Ink Study
... even did a quick sketch from a screen shot of that advert to get an idea of how I want my version to look.
I went for an abstract quality to the road, buildings, and sky for my piece, which I 'drew' around my original drawing. I added a blur to the building to achieve a sense of speed for the final piece.
Final Version
I went for the block colouring method for my inked drawing. And there you go... another coloured drawing done for today! It was fun, as I wasn't sure how things would turn out with the original pose. But I toyed around with different colour schemes, from several images of the mascot over the years, which explain the 'off-model' approach to the colour and appearance of the character. Might experiment with the motion blur feature in my paint package for other dynamic effects to my work.

It was also interesting checking out all the adverts, seeing how they have used different concepts, and approaches for not just their adverts, but also in how to animate the mascot, from puppetry to stop-motion to 2D animation. It also interesting how the character design have changed over the years- I have doubt over the appeal of the latest incarnation, but that's me.

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