Monday, 2 August 2010

Post a Painting/Drawing every day- Day 1- Kraftwerk Colour Study

I recently joined a group, in which former acquaintances from my University days are attempting to keep up with whatever area of drawing you want to do (from rough to finalised digital works, for example.)
Kraftwerk Colour Study
I was inspired from the recent documentary, Synth Britannia, I wanted to do something that involved the imagery of Kraftwerk, one of the major influential acts for the British electronic music scene (Human League, Depeche Mode, et al.)

I was inspired to do something from the footage of them marching in sync. Although the perspective, overlapping, and static poses don't give that much of a marching effect.

I also haven't toyed with traditional colour in a long time. So I got out some pastels to mainly get the block colours down over the simple pencil sketch I drew.

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