Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 17- Life Drawings at Oxford Rail Station

Did several life drawings today, whilst waiting for my train at Oxford- I needed to sort out some visas for a holiday to China in a few weeks time in Farringdon.
The first one wasnt successful, probably because I don't have much time to draw a stationery train at a station- if I did, that would probably be a bit of problem.The second drawing was my most successful, being able to focus on something like a bin, to a rendered quality I achieved on a more detailed piece I did a few days back.I had another train stop at the station, only I had a different car to quickly; so I sketched out the word 'David' on the engine of that train. I went along with this text theme whilst drawing some signs for a good few minutes, before I caught my train.
I did take some photographs whilst I was in Farringdon... but I'll save that for another post.

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