Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Ropey Exercise

August 2008 was an eventful month for me. Whilst completing my master's dissertation, things came to an abrupt ending when I had to leave Middlesbrough for good.
This was the short I was working on for my dissertation, which would be edited into my first (and still only!) show reel showcasing my 'recent' animation work.
It is, currentl
y, the only film to feature my cartoon character, Biffy the Boxer, a character probably renowned, to members of the Animation and Comics Society, for his boisterous catchphrase, "I'm going to punch you!"
I'm surprised I haven't upload it even sooner, as I stumbled all the stuff I did on it, whilst looking for some animation work, within the last 2 years, to put into my portfolio.
There seems to be a trend in my films to along these lines: short, quick-paced, and a bit bonkers. Enjoy!

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