Friday, 6 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 5- Chuckles the Clown Fan Art

Finalised Pencil and Ink Piece
Having just watched Toy Story 3 (eventually), I wanted to do some pieces involving one of the new characters. In this case, Chuckles the Clown.
I just want to toy around with the scene in which you first meet this character, but add some emotional spin to it. This explains why I drew him on the closed window sill, looking out into the rain- that's what those blobs on the window are meant to be.
This is probably the most finalised piece, despite using a nearly empty ink pen to do the outline of the character and the main scenery elements.
Pencil and Ink Concept
I had to tweak the original scanning of this pencil drawing to pick some of the inked shading done on this early concept.
Digitally manipulated concept
Whilst trying to tweak an early concept, I discovered this appropriate manipulation of the drawing, which I thinks gives a bleak and film-noir-esque undertone to the piece.

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