Thursday, 26 August 2010

Post a Drawing Every Day- Day 25- More 'Blook' Studies from Loomis' Book

It's still the same book I am trying to learn from the past few days, but this time I was focusing on some of these 'Blooks'- these were those cartoon head studies that I started on yesterday.
These I wasn't sure what the hell was I trying to study on, as they seem more animal then human to me. Probably has something to do with those elongated noses, or mouths, or whatever they are meant to be on their face.
Despite trying that guy with the moustache (Loomis does like to replace the mouths with these things!) three times, I feel that these were successful to look at. But that might be down to Loomis' appealing character design for that 'Blook'.
The head studies on the right seemed successful to understand what was going, as the construction used a rectangle, coming out the ball shape for the head, to form the head structure. It also felt familiar to do that, as I was taught by a graphic artist, at university, to keep the mouth shape separate from the rest of the head. But this was certainly not drawing deja vu, as I was applying what studying from that Loomis book, rather then from that actual professional tutor.

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